Shady Lane Estate/West of the 5th

Shady Lane Estate is a family-run Fruit Winery and Distillery from Barrhead, Alberta, which has had family farmers within one mile of the current winery for the last three generations. 

Here is an interview with Nathan Zdrodowski, one of the owners of Shady Lane Estate/West of the 5th, who runs the graphic design/marketing/sales of the winery and oversees the production of their wines and spirits alongside his brother.


What is your favourite aspect about taking part in farmers’ markets?

We love meeting our customers and showing off our products that we work so hard to prepare.

What is an interesting fact about wineries/distilleries that most people wouldn’t know?

All of our glass bottles come from Germany. We are an Estate Winery and that means we have to grow at least 75% of our own fruit. 

What is your recommendation for a refreshing summer drink/recipe?

For the Fruit Wines, we love making Sangrias! We have recipes on our website.

And nothing hits the spot on a hot day like a Hard Lemonade. Fill your glass of ice, fill with lemonade and top with 1oz of either our White Lightning, Strawberry Rhubarb or Saskatoon Moonshines.

How many types of fruit do you have on the property?

Strawberries, Raspberries, Rhubarb, Haskaps, Chokecherries, Prairie Cherries, Seabuck Thorns, Black Current, and Saskatoon. Every year we try to plant another variety as well as plant additional fruit to what we already grow

How many bottles do you produce on a yearly basis?

We are producing 15,000 bottles of fruit wine for our 2017 vintage, which should be released this summer.

The Moonshine is very new so we are hoping to produce 15,000-25,000 bottles – maybe more. Time will tell.

Visit Shady Lane Estate/West of the 5th on their website or at Robert McClure Farmers' Market every Friday from 3 -7 PM.