Second Nature

What types of products do you sell?  

Bath and body, home cleaning products, pet supplies and aromatherapy. I also have jewelry that I design and make. All products are homemade & natural, no synthetics. Home cleaning products include: carnauba furniture polish, antibacterial cleaner, gentle liquid soap, and kitchen scrub. Available bath, body and shower products include: silky smooth goats milk body cream, brown sugar body scrub, diaper rash cream, lip scrub, lip balms, headache roll on remedy, arnica balm, bath salts, bath truffles, bath teas, bath oils, shower bombs, and bath bombs. Available pet products include: shampoo and paw protector. Available aromatherapy: Revive Blend, Calming Blend, 911 Cold Blend, Hot Flash Blend, and Cooling Foot Blend.


As this is a fairly new market, I do not have all my products for sale since they are natural their shelf life is shorter, so I only make small batches and only have my best sellers at this time (Body cream, brown sugar body scrub, antibacterial cleaner, headache roll on, arnica balm, liquid soap and three aromatherapy blends).

What does the term ‘natural’ mean when talking about bath, body and cleaning products?

No synthetics, chemicals, SLS and organic whenever possible.

Why should people purchase natural products over the ones sold in stores containing synthetic ingredients?

The skin is our largest organ and everything we put on it sinks in and goes straight to our bloodstream. Toxins, pesticides, synthetics and other unnatural products are causing many medical problems that could be avoided.

What inspired you to begin making your own natural products?

My own children and pets. Our son was severely disabled and there were many medical items that would require cleaning/sterilization but I didn’t want to use anything that might harm him or our daughter. Children are always crawling on the floor and putting toys into their mouths and I wanted products that were not harmful. Same goes for our pets.

What do you know now that you wish you knew when you started?

Nothing. Everything is a learning curve and I wouldn’t want to miss out on the steps required to learn and grow.  

What is your favourite aspect about taking part in farmers’ markets?

Meeting new people, making contacts, and educating customers about natural products.

Visit Second Nature at Robert McClure Farmers' Market every Friday from 3 -7 PM.