Buffalo Bistro Catering

Betty Ann Blue Cloud is a member of Yellow Quill First Nation in Saskatchewan and this is her second year at the market. When she's not at the market she teaches Martial Arts to females 3 evenings per week. She has been doing martial arts for six years and has her first degree black belt. Betty Ann wants to teach women and girls to have more confidence in themselves and to challenge stereotypes about what they are capable of.  Below are her answers to some questions about her business Buffalo Bistro Catering:

Why did you decide to start your own business?

I wanted to be an example for other First Nation peoples to show them that we can be entrepreneurs. I also wanted to represent my First Nation culture through food. If not for the limits imposed by Alberta Health Services I would prepare deer, rabbit, geese and elk in my booth. Last year I served buffalo; this year I'm preparing my meals with beef and chicken.

What sort of items do you serve at your booth?

I make chili, bannock tacos, hamburger soup, beef stew and chicken soup

What is your favourite part about being at the market?

Meeting new people and talking to them about my booth. Many people are interested in First Nations culture and I like talking to them about that. I like representing my culture and people like learning about it.


Visit Buffalo Bistro Catering at Robert McClure Farmers' Market every Friday from 3-7 PM.