1 Hook or 2 Needles

What’s your background in knitting and crocheting ­– How did you first develop an interest? How did you learn? How long have you been doing it for?

My mom tried to teach me when I was a kid. This, however, did not pan out. It wasn’t until my own daughter wanted a knitted poncho that I learned. I was not about to pay $150 or more. So I found a pattern and proceeded to figure it out. From there I learned to make a cotton dishcloth. As I get bored easily, I kept learning more involved patterns for all sorts of things. Then I found a very cute pattern for a pair of crochet booties. Once I had learned how to make these, with help from Youtube, I learned many more things. 

How did you get into selling your crafts?


My friend is the one that pushed me to take the leap into trying to sell what I make. She introduced me to Kelly and last year was my first year in a market. 

What are some of the items you make and sell with 1 Hook or 2 Needles?

I make pretty much anything that I think is cute. This ranges from clothes to stuffed animals and pretty much anything in between. 

Where do you get the patterns for the designs that you make?

Most patterns I have found on the internet or Pinterest. Not all of them are exactly as the pattern says as some I have had to alter due the finished item not looking quite right. I am a huge perfectionist.  If I don’t like it, I can't bring myself to sell it. 

What is your favourite aspect about knitting/crocheting?


The best thing about knitting/crocheting is that it's relaxing and I get a cute item when I’m finished. 

What advice would you give to other people looking to take up knitting or crocheting?

For any one that wants to learn but doesn’t think that they can, you absolutely can. There is so much more information out there. Youtube is very helpful and, as most videos on there are done by men, I am pretty sure that anyone can. 

What is your favourite aspect about taking part in farmers’ markets?

Being involved in the farmers' market has lead me to meet new people and put myself out there.

Visit 1 Hook or 2 Needles at Robert McClure Farmers' Market every Friday from 3 -7 PM.