2018 Famers' Market Musician Sign Up


Perform at the Robert McClure Farmers’ Market

Live music and other entertainment at the market make for an enjoyable experience, helps to create a festive atmosphere, and builds community.  We look forward to experiencing many different types of musical entertainment from the talented musicians in our neighbourhood.

We are looking for musicians to play at the following upcoming market days and times:

July 27 3 PM 

August 3 3 PM

August 17 3 PM or 5 PM

August 24 3 PM or 5 PM

August 31 3 PM or 5 PM

September 7 3 PM or 5 PM

September 14 3 PM or 5 PM

September 21 3 PM or 5 PM

September 28 3 PM or 5 PM

Robert McClure United Church has a portable sound system that may be used by musicians.

The compensation for musicians & performers is busker-style. Musicians and performers are encouraged to “put out the hat” to collect donations. Musical acts are welcome to sell CD’s.

Please let us know what kind of music you plan to share with us. The market will be a family friendly event and your music should contribute to the environment.

If you are interested in performing at an upcoming market day, please fill out a Musician Application and contact Taylor Masters at masterst15@gmail.com.

We look forward to hearing from you!